Metabolomics events in the Nordic region and beyond

Gordon Research Conference on Lipidomics. August 9-14, 2020 (Newry, ME, USA)
2nd Nordic Metabolomics Conference. October 26-28, 2020 (Trondheim, Norway)
Metabolomics 2020. December 7-11, 2020 (Shanghai, P.R. China; postponement from previously set date in July)
Gordon Research Conference on Metabolomics and Human Health. March 14-19, 2021 (Renaissance Tuscany, Il Ciocco, Italy), predeced by Gordon Research Seminar, March 13-14, 2021.

Past events (links may not be maintained)
European RFMF Metabomeeting 2020. January 22-24, 2020 (Toulouse, France)
Symposium: Metabolomics in clinical research. November 26, 2019 (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Nordic Metabolomics Society Workshop and Thone Holst Symposium. October 31st - November 1st, 2019 (Oslo, Norway)
17th Nordic Mass Spectrometry Conference. August 26-28, 2019 (Espoo, Finland)
Metabolomics 2019. June 23-27, 2019 (The Hague, The Netherlands)
Gordon Research Conference on Metabolomics and Human Health. February 3-8, 2019 (Ventura, CA, USA)
Metabomeeting 2018. December 17-19, 2018 (Nottingham, UK)
Clinical Metabolomics Copenhagen 2018. October 25-26, 2018 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
1st Nordic Metabolomics Conference. August 26-28, 2018 (Örebro, Sweden)
Metabolomics 2018. June 24-28, 2018 (Seattle, WA, USA)

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